Got Questions?

Well that’s ok, cos we got answers!

Do I need to do the whole weekend?
You can buy a pass for a single day workshop, single night party, just the workshops, just the parties or the whole thing! Check out the options on the Ticketing website

Is there a student discount?
Unfortunately there is no student discount for tickets.

Can I help as a volunteer in exchange for a free pass?
We have currently filled all our volunteer spots – but you can read more about volunteering here.

Where do the workshops and socials take place?
The venues are Limehouse Town Hall for the socials and Toynbee Studios for the workshops.

What level should I go for?
You can read the level descriptions here!

Can I choose which classes I go to?
When you register you sign up for a level and have access to all the classes assigned to that level. The classes don’t function as a drop in but as part of a course for your level. That includes the rhythm tap class which each level stream has their own allocated session. You can find the full schedule here

Can I change level if it’s too easy /hard?
Come and talk to Michaela or Pippa at the workshops if you would like to change level. We can’t promise anything as it depends on capacity but we will always do our best to help. You can only change level once.

Can I come along on the day?
Spaces for the workshops are limited but if there is space in any track we will post it in the Facebook page – tickets will be sold the same as the online price, cash only. Ticket sales for socials ends at 5.30pm on the night of the social – if there are still spaces we will post on the Facebook page and you can swing by and pay in cash on the door, £18.

Can I share my pass with someone else?

 Each person should have their own pass, whether a full pass or a single night ticket or otherwise. Pass sharing is not permitted as the Full Pass and Workshop Pass discounts are only for individuals.

Still have questions?

Contact us at for more info 🙂