Beginner/Intermediate Workshop

Saturday and Sunday daytime, 4 hours per day
Ready to take things up a notch? Come and kick-start your dancing with a weekend packed full of flashy moves and fantastic music! Work with our team of teachers on some fun solo Charleston and authentic jazz roots and take your dancing to the next step. Apart from great learning, the day will also ensure you have fun, meet some other people and come away with a great sense of satisfaction. This workshop is aimed at beginner-intermediate dancers – you may have been attending swing classes for nearly a year or so and you are keen to try some new moves solo. These classes will boost your dancing and kit you out with some classic vintage steps ready for the dance floor!

Intermediate/Advanced Workshop

Saturday and Sunday daytime, 4 hours per day
You know your Suzy Qs from your Tranky Doo and you’re looking to get some fresh inspiration. You have some solo jazz roots classes under your belt but solo dancing still presents some challenges. The basics are simple and you know the Shim Sham pretty well and a few other routines too. This weekend will focus on extending your vocabulary, finessing your technique, and work on transitioning between different moves. We’ll also work on some fancy stuff, get inspired by some classic routines and need-to-know strolls and build on your solo jazz tool kit.

Advanced Workshop

Saturday and Sunday daytime, 4 hours per day
This track is for dancers who have been dancing solo jazz roots for some time now and who may have also tried performing and/or competing. You have learnt a few complex routines such as the Big Apple or Trickeration and can pick up new material with confidence. There may be some tricky movements that elude you but you pick up new material fairly quickly. This weekend will focus on technique and quality as well as some exciting new ideas and movements. This track includes a Rhythm Tap taster – feel free to bring your tap shoes if you have any, or hard soled shoes will do! This track is set to challenge and push your dancing even harder with lots of bonus tricks and tips.

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Beginner/Intermediate track sound too tricky for you? If you’re interested in joining a Beginner Track please email us to let us know, we *may* open an extra class if we have enough interest.


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