Fredrik Dahlberg

Fredrik Dahlberg is a member of the world famous Harlem Hotshots dance troupe from Stockholm. Renowned for his ‘snake hips’ and effortless moves, Fredrik is a dance talent to be reckoned with.

Mimmi Gunnarsson

An inspirational dancer and teacher – distinctively authentic style and effortless movement, Mimmi is a joy to watch perform, and her solo classes are some of the finest around. (more…)

Ash Cochrane

Legendary dancer and leader of the Dixie Dinahs, we are truly honoured to have Ash on the teaching line up for London Jump 2018! (more…)

Lexi Bradburn

For the first time at London Jump we are excited to include Rhythm Tap in our curriculum, led by none other than the incredibly talented all-tapping all-teaching Lexi Bradburn!