Cat Foley

This incredible lady is renowned for her solo prowess as well as her lindy hop and performance talents, and we’re honoured to have her (more…)

Frances King

A truly incredible dancer – effortless style, grace, movement, and such a joy to watch perform! Frances comes from a contemporary dance (more…)

Becky Norris

We are dead chuffed to have Becky on board for this weekend of workshops. She is a phenomenal dancer and is one of the dream-team trio (more…)

Peter Grange

This man oozes cool, and has a cracking sense of humour to boot! Dancing swing for 9 years now and teaching for nearly as long, Pete has a vast (more…)

Jeff Tong

Named Swing Patrol’s Legend of the Year 2016 joint with Robyn Larsen, Jeff has had his hand in so many performances, shows, classes and (more…)

Korantema Anyimadu

A real inspiration, there’s nothing like watching this lady dance. A professionally trained dancer, Korantema found swing and has been hooked since (more…)