Jeff Tong

Named Swing Patrol’s Legend of the Year 2016 joint with Robyn Larsen, Jeff has had his hand in so many performances, shows, classes and choreographies we just don’t know where he gets his energy from! He is a long-standing member of Brat Pack and has performed all over from BBC Apprentice, Royal Festival Hall, Waterstones, Piccadilly Circus to numerous gigs all over London. Teaching at KCL Dance Society for some years now where he choreographs his annual breathtaking swing dance pieces for his students, Jeff also teaches every week at Swing Patrol Vauxhall alongside Robyn Terese. He has also started running the brand newSwingTrain Clapham Junction which opens next week! Phew, what a busy bloke! We’re super excited to have this talented and visionary dancer in our midst – get ready for some dynamic and daring classes with some high energy fun!